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26/2 (Bikram)

Vinyasa Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Transformation Yoga
Pre/Postnatal Yoga
Fertility Yoga
Reiki Level 1
Thai Massage
Breath Coach
Stretch Coach
7-12 Mathematics

Being a former college athlete, I have always been physically active. In 2014, the stress of my job (High School Math Teacher) was weighing on my health. A fellow colleague swore by Hot Yoga, so I decided to take a class. Right away, I was hooked. I instantly started implementing yoga into my workout routine. Not only did it make me feel good physically, but it was a great stress release. I realized I could count on yoga to keep my mind at ease. 


Since I was already a Mathematics teacher, I knew it was only a matter of time before I included yoga into my teaching repertoire. In the spring of 2015, I completed my first 200 Hour Teacher Training Program. 


Experiencing all the benefits that yoga instilled in me, I wanted to share yoga with family, friends, colleagues, and students. I continued to immerse myself in the wellness/mindfulness world; taking workshops and classes to further my knowledge. It is so important to me that everybody moves their body, no matter the form of exercise. I want people to be good to themselves. I want them to be hydrated, to eat well, and to sleep well. 

After teaching a mix of mathematical disciplines and science for 13 years in Southeastern Pennsylvania for 2 different school districts (suburban and urban), I decided to take a break and focus more on the one-on-one aspect of tutoring. This allows me more time to spend with my family, but still allows me the ability to create math content and help students gain a better grasp on mathematical concepts.


What do I do when I’m not being a teacher of fitness and math? I love trying new foods, reading, checking out new breweries, and traveling. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, especially with my husband and our daughter.

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