Upcoming Events


Hips and Hamstrings

March 25th 6-8pm at JTown Hot Yoga

This is a 2 hour long special focus class on the hips and hamstrings. We will start with yin postures to slowly and gently open our lower body, move into vinyasa to warm our body through, and then use restorative postures to help wind down. This includes a guided and assisted savasana to compliment your practice. Register here.


Sculpt and Surrender

New Date Coming Soon!
JTown Hot Yoga

Join me as I lead you through a 90 minute, non-heated, yoga practice. We will start with a 45 minute heart-pumping yoga sculpt class and then transition into restorative postures. You will receive an assisted savasana...and yes, even a cool lavender towel. Work hard for your total relaxation. Balance is beautiful.
Register here.


Moss Mill Yoga

May 1st at 1pm
$15 for one hour of yoga and a pint of your choice.

Register here.

Crooked Eye Yoga

April 10th at 11:30am
$15 for one hour of yoga and a 10oz pour of your choice.
Register here.

Broken Goblet Yoga

Summer date coming soon at their new location!