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Hips and Hamstrings

Check back for a Fall date

This is a 2 hour long special focus class on the hips and hamstrings. We will start with yin postures to slowly and gently open our lower body, move into vinyasa to warm our body through, and then use restorative postures to help wind down. This includes a guided and assisted savasana to compliment your practice. Register here.


Upper Body Focus

Check back for a Fall date

Shoulder tension? Neck pain? Back pain?

Then my 2 hour Upper Body Class is for you. This special flow class will focus on ways to release tension in your upper body while also building spine strength and flexibility. The practice will be in a warm room and will start with an opening meditation leading into a slow flow to gently open up your upper body. Throughout the class you will be holding certain postures that will be focusing on your shoulders, back, and chest. A cool lavender towel will be provided before the cool down. The class will be completed with a guided and assisted savasana.
Register here.


Moss Mill Yoga

Check back for a late summer date
$15 for a Pint and a One Hour Yoga Class with Keely.
Register on Venmo or PayPalREMEMBER to state Moss Mill Yoga in the comments.

Crooked Eye Yoga

May 21, 2023 at 11:30am
$15 for a Pint and a One Hour Yoga Class with Keely.
Register on Venmo or PayPal.
 REMEMBER to state Crooked Eye Yoga in the comments.
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