Life is all about balance.
The Sun & The Moon.
Yin & Yang.
Detox & Retox.

At my BrewGa events you can expect an hour of playful yoga paired with alternative music, as well as traditional yoga music. You will receive an enjoyable, yet challenging yoga experience (a workout and a workwithin). My events welcome all-level yogis, making it a safe passage for those apprehensive about yoga.


I will guide you through the postures verbally and sometimes demonstrate the movements. I love walking around the room to offer assists and adjustments because yoga should feel good. I guide your journey all the way through savasana (a pre-gaming nap,      ).


After namaste, we enjoy a beer (or two) and socialize with other yogis. It’s a great way to take time for yourself, wind down your week, or simply prepare for the work week ahead.

Everything's better with beer...or is everything better with yoga?

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